"Occasionally lame,
but generally awesome."

Selection of Random Comedy Videos made or collected by the people who bring you Generally Awesome.

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Generally Awesome Videos presents...

Random Comedy

Enjoy this selection of comedy and funny humor related videos that are hard to classify. With some random premises and random jokes, you won't always know what to expect from these videos, but you will laugh!

Elevator Girl
Water Ski Squirrel
The Highfiver
More Than Friends
Valentine Apology
HUSTLE: Don't Just Sit There!
TV Ad Mascot You Can Least Trust Alone w/ Your Wife
United 300
Snowboarding Turkey Video
Practical Gifts!
Robot Safety Awareness: Internet Dating
Cooties: Spread the Truth!
The Interview (Sketch Comedy)
You're the Dummy
Trailer Park Fashion Show
Skateboarding Bulldog Video
Chuck Norris Marries Your Mom: Extreme Wedding Edition
Male Restroom Etiquette
Burger King Outsourcing
DATELINE's Chris Hansen Forced to Answer Some Questions
50 Cent Catches Bootleggers
Bobbing for Sunglasses
Being a Ninja
50 Cent has Beef w/ Trombonist
Bloody Lego Ninja Fight
The Importance of Playing Yardball
Exercise Ball Mayhem
The Walkens
The Little Dragon (Kung Fu Classic)
Stop Scurvy!
Catching Sunglasses w/ Face
Operation Kitten Calendar: Complete Season 1
How to Be Like Chuck Norris
How to Talk Like a Pirate
Two Chalk Thieves
Based on a True Story
Homeless James Bond Part 2
Homeless James Bond
Pallet Jacks: A Legal Loophole
Ways to Abuse Shaolin
Human Skateboard
Chuck Norris School of Child Rearing
Mars Oil Exploration
The Door Store
One Picture Every Day
Dump Your Fridge!
Pimp My Skateboard
Cardboard Box Race
Seinfeld, the Lost Episode (The Kramer Incident)
Resolution: Pixels be Gone
Santa Goes South
Bank Codes (Spoof Movie Trailer)
McNugget Men
Polaroid -- A Dark Comedy
Pumpkins Talking Halloween
"Da Yard Sizzale"
"Who's Loving Your Mom?"
"The Big Animal"
"Ninja Summer Job Tips"
"Cat's Got an Itch"
"G-Unit Mail"
"Darth Vader Was a Ninja"
Barney Lip Sincs Tupac
Average HomeBoy Animated Rap Video
Ninjas and the Matrix
Chuck Norris Under the Sea
Big Guy on A Little Bike
Kona and Hilo Two Cool Cats
Chuck Norris Photo Album of Death!(Video)
Dogs Chase Cat
iPoop Featuring Eminem
Halloween to Thanksgiving
Belligerent Little Piggy
Safe Filming Awareness Week
Human-Weasel Fireball- from the "Intro to Stunt" video series.
50 Cent Vs. Silver Dollar
Prioritizzle Mizzle a.k.a. Mail in da Hood
Jedi Skills Tournament
Jedi Night School Trailer
Statistically Speaking
The Bavarian Candidate
Where do Hair Balls Come From?
True Story about Puppies and Alcoholic Kitties
How to Stunt
McDonald's Biatch!
Hameron Airlines Ad

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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