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but generally awesome."

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Generally Awesome Videos presents...

Indie Music Videos

Apologies up front to strict music purists who know the exact definition and boundary of every genre of music. I don't know the clinical definition of indie music, but that does not change the fact that these music videos are pretty awesome. Some feature phenomenal songs, others have nice visuals in the video. All are interesting in some way. Some are very light-hearted and humorous. Enjoy rocking out to these Generally Awesome selections.
Diggin the Crates 5 - Surf Clip Music Video
The Pillow Thief
Unicorns & Profanity
Cheesiest Music Video in the World
'The Resolution' by Jack's Mannequin
'Sweet Caroline', Vintage Neil Diamond
Speed by Bzik
Idle Hands by Gutter Twins
Monsters Under the Bed
Locate the Pieces
HUSTLE: Don't Just Sit There!
Worst Musical Fusion Ever
Amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovic
Love Me Like You Used To
Every Eminem Song Ever!
Hey There Delilah Music Video Rap Remix
Video Game Inspired Life
Snoop Dogg Music Video Mistake
Kung Fu Bunny
Escaping Carousel Elephant
Skateboarding in an Art Museum
Line Rider Blues
Space Duck
Pallet Jacks: A Legal Loophole
'World Spins Madly On' by the Weepies
Kitchen: Mix of Common Household Sounds!
Circle Circle Dot Dot (Cooties Rap)
One Picture Every Day
The White Squares Must Survive!
Resolution: Pixels be Gone
McNugget Men
"Who's Loving Your Mom?"
Barney Lip Sincs Tupac
Average HomeBoy Animated Rap Video
Saddam's Gansta Dance Video
iPoop Featuring Eminem
Halloween to Thanksgiving
The Gates -- New York City Central Park -- by Cristo
50 Cent Vs. Silver Dollar
"The Gates" by Cristo in Central Park New York City
New York at Night

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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