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but generally awesome."

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Generally Awesome Videos presents...

Crazy Stunt Videos

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (or anywhere else for that matter.) The crazy feats on this video footage are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted. The people depicted either are: 1) trained professionals in controlled environments, 2) compeltely crazy, 3) have no reason left to live. Do not attempt to mimmick or copy any of the things you see on this website!
Airborne Parkour Ninjas
Newschool Kiteboard Tricks by Danilo Nacarato
Snowboard Fail Slide
Death or Glory Mountain Bike Video
Kite Punks Kiteboarding Session
Awesome Mountain Bike Video
BMX Box Jump Video
BMX Jumps & Crashes
Bike Jump World Record Attempt
Skating Wet Pavement
Fancy Pants Stunts
New York Street Break Dancing
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
NYC Central Park (from helium balloons)
Longboard Car Crash Video
Awesome Snowboard Wreckage
World's Best Bronco Off-Road Driving Stunt
Dummy w/ Dumbell
Tsunami Wave Sufing
Surfing Duck
Awesome Snowboard Wrecks
Elephant Soccer Video
Double Skateboarding Video
Snowboarding Turkey Video
Parkour 2007 Highlights: Tyson Cecka
Pre-X-Games Extreme Sports!
Old School Vert Skateboarding!
Hollow Point Bullet vs. Round Point Bullet
Bag of Suck: Skateboard Wrecks
Dogs and Polar Bears Playing
Crazy Bike Stunt
Light Saber Battle at the Dojo
Ryan Capes World Record Motorcycle Jumps Video!
Demolition Derby Soccer
Flowrider Boarding on Artificial Wave
Rope Swing Flips
Land Pirates: Home-Grown Stunt Drivers
Apples & Oranges Snowboard Video
Goldfish back from the Dead
Skateboarding in an Art Museum
Catching Sunglasses w/ Face
Pallet Jacks: A Legal Loophole
Freestyle Walking Stunts by Tyson Cecka
The Dangers of Camel Racing
Silly Jacobellis Loses Gold Medal Human-Weasel Fireball- from the "Intro to Stunt" video series.

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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