"Occasionally lame,
but generally awesome."

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Generally Awesome Videos presents...

Cartoons & Animation

This is a random collection of animation and cartoons. Some are very cerebral and weird. Others are straight funny, upbeat and entertaining. Cartoons can do some weird things not possible in other media. Enjoy this diverse offering of animation!

Soul Mates Meeting
Evolution Animated
Negative Effects of Alcohol
Bobble & Sqweek
No Quarter: A Cautionary Tale
Woodpecker Buccaneer
Dood at the Zoo
Monsters Under the Bed
Mr Happy in Big Love
The Rage of Mr. Gung-Ho
A Frog's Life
Crazy Samurai Cat
Locate the Pieces
TV Trap
Super Skateboarding Bros.
Granny Parkour Cartoon
Giacomo's Coin Cartoon
Sticky Relationship Cartoon
Ring The Bell
Snowboarding Paper Animation!
Sleeping Beauty Cartoon
The Yellow Ones: Watch Out!
The Mad Doctor
Blue Guy vs. Red Guy
Spirit of '43: Donald Duck WWII Propaganda Cartoon
Love Me Like You Used To
Bank Robbery Cartoon!
Wonderful Babies of Oz
The Many Perils of Studying Too Hard - Math
Male Restroom Etiquette
Video Game Inspired Life
The Joy of Shaving
'I'm Walking' Chicken Race
Kung Fu Bunny
Mac vs. PC South Park Style
Being a Ninja
Bloody Lego Ninja Fight
Escaping Carousel Elephant
What's in the Box?
Pattie: Robots Love Pattie!!
The Lighthouse
50 Cent Cartoon
Two Chalk Thieves
Line Rider Blues
Mankind Needs You! Space Duck
'World Spins Madly On' by the Weepies
Human Skateboard (Stop Motion)
Mars Oil Exploration
Dump Your Fridge!
Circle Circle Dot Dot (Cooties Rap)
One Picture Every Day
The White Squares Must Survive!
Cardboard Box Race
Jack In The Box
Resolution: Pixels be Gone
"Ninja Summer Job Tips"
"Darth Vader Was a Ninja"
Barney Lip Sincs Tupac
The Bavarian Candidate
Human-Weasel Fireball
True Story about Puppies and Alcoholic Kitties
Saddam's Gansta Dance Video
"The Proliferation of Walmart?"
Ninjas and the Matrix
Average HomeBoy Animated Rap Video
How to Stunt

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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